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Ben Cocks - Picture of me I think that we could be lovers, why don't you take a picture of me boy!

should be: 一般将来时 表示推测、推断,指有可能的事,有“可能、该”之意 eg.It should be fine tomorrow. 明天可能天晴。 这里的be是系动词 ,在情态动词should后用原形。 ps. should 1) It is demanded / necessary / a pity + that…结构中的主...

We Should Be In Love

Change Your Life 播放 歌手:Iggy Azalea 语言:英语 所属专辑:Reclassified 发行时间:2014-11-24

歌曲名:We Should Be Together 歌手:Don Williams 专辑:Love Songs We Belong Together Mariah Carey Ooohh Ohhh...Ohhhoohh...Sweet love..Yeah I didn't mean it when I said I didn't love you so I should have held on tight I never shoul...


Come & Get It (Acoustic Version)-Tyler Ward&Chester See&Tiffany Alvord When you're ready come and get it (x2) Na na na (x3) When you're re-e-a-dy (x2) When you're ready come and get it Na na na (x3) You ain’t gotta ...

如果是舞曲,应该叫can't fight this feeling,很动感的,女声

We should be friendly to the old and care __for/about_ them in daily life. care与for或about连用,意为“关心”“爱护”.care for作“照顾”解时,可用于被动语态. 引用:

应该是叫 mermaid song 芝华士广告歌曲

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